The Global Education Design Team sponsors forums, presentations, and symposia on topics of current international interest and importance at Seattle Central College.



To strengthen our campus culture that values global and multicultural perspectives by:

  • Sponsoring forums and presentations on topics of current global interest and importance.
  • Sponsoring activities that allow the campus community to share cultural experiences, concerns, perspectives, and traditions.


To increase and facilitate global awareness throughout the curriculum by:

  • Inviting off–campus speakers who can inspire faculty to look at their curricula from global perspectives.
  • Sponsoring professional development workshops and seminars that are directly aimed at curriculum enhancement.
  • Providing forums for faculty to share their knowledge, expertise, and innovations with each other.


To encourage reflection on the necessity for individual and collective action in order to live responsibly in the global community by:

  • Involving student, faculty and staff in planning and participating in educational activities.
  • Collaborating with community and educational organizations that have a diverse cultural and / or global perspective.

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